10 Reasons why your Granite Business needs a Website by HapCod

10 Reasons why your Granite Business needs a Website by HapCod

Increase Customers

Most businesses have local popularity, but what about potential customers outside their city?  A website can help you generate more customers. Not just outside your city, but worldwide. The internet offers a global community. With a website, your business will be visible around the world.

Convenience for customers

Using the Internet to search for businesses and products is much easier and faster than any time in the past. Millions of searches are done every day and it is commonplace for businesses to find their next supplier over the web

You’ll show up in Google search results.

If you don’t have a website for your business, the chances of showing up on the search engine results page (SERP) are zero. But if you have a site, you can optimize it for search engines, thereby increasing your chances of appearing at the top of Google’s results and getting more visibility with potential customers.


Show Case your Products

There is no need to share Granite slab photos to every customer on every time they reach you. Showcase all your products in website and just share the link.

Attract New Customers

As consumers surf the internet, they will have access to the businesses products, services or information, where otherwise they may not have even known the business existed.

Increase Sales

If you are a business owner, more visitors lead to more potential sales. That’s how your website will help you. You can drive more people to your site by consistently updating and promoting the contents of your site. The more informative your site is, the greater the possibility of increasing your sales.

It’s Always Open (24×7)

Your website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you are unable to answer the phone, you can be sure that your website is available to answer your customers’ questions for you.

Differentiate Your Business from the Competition

If all of your competitors have an online presence it only makes sense that you should too. Many competing restaurants may already use a website to promote themselves; stealing your business. A well-presented easy to use website will help you highlight what you do well and may persuade customers to pick you over alternatives. Lack of a website may also suggest that you are no willing to invest into your business

You Can Build a Solid Brand Image

A website will help your business to build a professional image. Particularly if you are just starting out, a website is a great method for helping customers become acquainted with your brand. With the correct marketing it may even convince customers to seek you out and try for themselves. High quality images will help entice customers to visit.


In today’s modern world, there is an expectation for any reputable company to have some kind of online presence. These are useful tools to share crucial information about your business with customers and answer all the What’s and Why’s that they may have. What’s more, having a good quality, easy-to-use website makes customers feel comfortable using your services, as they will assume they can expect the same positive experience in all areas of your business.



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